Bicycle Touring Tips

Whether you’re new to bicycle touring, planning a longer trip, or just curious about how it all works, check out the articles below for useful tips. You don’t need to be an expert cyclist to get into bike touring, and there are a ton of different approaches to take when it comes to style of travel. There are certain topics that we regularly get questions about, and here we’ll address some common FAQs about our touring lifestyle.


Schengen Zone Travel Plan

  How We Traveled in Europe for 15 Months (As Americans) The Schengen Zone (SZ) of Europe is the world’s largest visa free zone – where 27 countries (as of 2023) have done away with their internal borders to facilitate easier travel between SZ countries. Citizens from many countries, including the United States, are allowed …

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Wild Camping Photo Journal

  Wild Camping Photo Journal We have photographed (almost) every wild camp from our world bicycle tour to illustrate the wide variety of places we’ve pitched our tent. Click on a photo for a brief description of the campsite. This is an ongoing project that we’ll update periodically. Please leave this field emptyGet Updates on …

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Hygiene on a Bicycle Tour

  Hygiene on a Bicycle Tour A question that often comes up when we tell people we wild camp for days or weeks on end is: “How do you shower?” In modern times, it’s normal and generally expected to shower every day or every other day, so people get a little freaked out when we …

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Bicycle Touring in Europe on a Budget

  Bicycle Touring in Europe on a Budget How we cycled through many “expensive” countries without breaking the bank Many people we’ve spoken to worry that traveling in Europe will be prohibitively expensive. We bicycle toured through several countries that are generally thought to be costly such as France, Switzerland, Italy, and Austria. In our …

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